5 Htp B6 Magnesium

Since the age of 13 years, he suffered from terrible depression and social anxiety. Became progressively worse, until the age of 17 years out of school. A constant struggle is that I even thought that the school would bring on a panic attack every day. As age, advanced depression, leaving me with the uncomfortable feeling that somehow, in some way something terribly mal-mi life with the world, everything was. Doesn't like to do, what is and hope for the future was completely unrelated. Type 5-HTP. I started taking 100 mg just before sunset, mainly to combat insomnia, but after a few weeks my depression and social anxiety began to decline. It is not me or drugs heal me, in fact, he could only say that it is an effect at all, it is sufficient that could replace, the problem on the head. In 6 months, I was able to learn how to talk with people, enjoy social activities. So it was natural that I, 5-HTP is stopped, thinking that my progress was my fault, but after a week the anxiety began quietly in my life. This happened several times, until he finally admitted that 5-HTP has been the key to everything, but I do not know how to take all this for the rest 5 htp b6 magnesium of my life. I have experience in the world in any way and thus never dreamed in my dreams as possible, and that could change everything. A permanent tension, anxiety and paranoia, replaced by a sense of calm and cheerful behavior of security had my symptoms. The trick is really a lifesaver. However, I hope that I can, to the point where drugs with 5-HTP is not required. .