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Hensley, I would say that depression is very sweet, if we can call. Fear is my big problem. That and extreme fatigue/weakness. What I don't understand is how I can be very high in a State of constant exhaustion if a urine test 24 hours recently, which was my levels of norepinephrine. I.e. If my adrenal glands produce too much norepinephrine, should not feel like me more energy?I'm glad to know that most of the medicines and dietary supplements Klonopin interact. At the moment, I could not live without her. They took 1 mg, or two hours before sunset (otherwise can not sleep) and I feel its calming effect over the course of the following day (Clonazepam has a very long half life-18-50 hours, so better in this xanax sense, I need you more and more). I wonder if I take 5-HTP at dusk with my melatonin (2 mg) or in the course of the day. I suppose this is a question for my therapist. Thanks for your input AlidoraBioBalance, 150 mg of 5-HTP (5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan) is an extract of Griffonia Simplicifolia seeds, a natural amino acid that is the precursor for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin and melatonin have several functions, including the regulation and support of mood, appetite and sleep. Serotonin is converted by the 5 htp adrenal glands pineal gland in the hormone melatonin, which works closely with the serotonin to control our dream. Other important functions of serotonin include the regulation of temperature, controlling, appetite, libido, muscle and heart circulatory functions such as such as regulation of blood pressure, learning and memory and aging. Low levels of serotonin can cause insomnia and other sleep disorders. Disorders of mood, depression, aggressiveness, anxiety, disorders of the feeding, the lack of serotonin is involved in obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism, schizophrenia, sensitivity, pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraine and PMS. Support for: adults: take 1 or 2 capsules daily (preferably at bedtime) or appropriate, such as by a medical professional. Caution: do not exceed the recommended dose. Do not take medicines if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or antidepressants. This product can drowsiness and taken should not while driving a car or operating heavy machinery. Out of the reach of children. This add-in can't live without may, helps me in many ways! IN the 20th century and I while more depressed my 'Low' of the month time, I meet me always laugh and generally satisfied. It also helps you to feel calm in my head, no emotional modification or Overeacting. I'm not entirely sure, but I think that this mineral also helps to control my weight, more complete I feel. A + for me :) (Posted 31 03. 15). I am my pack of 3 of them, so let's say 6 months. The difference is amazing! Menopause hot flashes and night sweats, I kept awake or wake up several times during the night. Take one of them with a vitamin-C (installed on the spirit) and sometimes a magnesium. And I sleep more and more frequently to end or not many watches. It had almost constant feelings of fear, knows fear for years (as well as strange episode of mild depression). He was also greatly, but I think that she used natural progesterone cream and under natural dissected thyroid for 8 months, rather than the 5HTP can be helped. Although it can be at the same time, you never know. I know, that isn't, compared to 6-8 months, I feel great! :-) And now I can sleep much at night! (Published on 02. 10 15). I suffered for years with depression and anxiety and regularly updated. It took a few months to see all the benefits. It is my last episode of depression and antidepressants four and a half years after the suffering, that it made no difference in my mood, but they gave a sensible side effects I prescribed, I decided to give a spin after a friend of the 5HTP recommended. It has changed my life. I'm free for less than 4 years of the depression, and my fear is much more in my control. Now don't think my fear every day and if I feel starts except control advised excludes, as I I need to take another supplement (l-Theanine). The two seem very well together working and I am super happy that now I take my l-Theanine on a minimal basis, i.e. every 4 to 6 months and usually in times of increased stress. (Posted 20 01 15). I take this product as the first sleep inducer, but has not helped. However, it has helped to lift my mood. Unfortunately, it's also my heart Rushingas described by someone else, and that can be very scary. (Published on 12-02-14). I don't found useful as well as I wanted to. Anxiety suffer very tired, but social phobia. (Published on 21-11-14). I bought as a sleep aid, has not helped at all. As shown above, it did not work for me, or a friend who also tried. Reviewed by Eileen. Categorized as very good, because it was like I had a very strong effect on me. Unfortunately, I'm one of the few people to respond to the negative on the propellers of serotonin. In the past the equivalent of Prozac, which prescribed by my doctor even pushed me and gave me insomnia and has later also St. John's wort. Take my second night this product 5HTP never had the worst anxiety (purely physical, as large amounts of adrenaline is injected). My doctor advised me to stop taking it. I wanted only to this post for others, the harmful side effects can occur, know that they are crazy. Go give him and when it (although you'll probably) go for you on something else. In my case, a product of the Black Cohosh hormonal fluctuations. (Posted 25-08 14). 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